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We are extremely happy to announce that we have a new space. We will be moving to the west side of the centre to Hjarðarhagi 47. It is going to take a few months to get our 3 new studios ready but the process will be open to follow on social media and here on our home page. We want to thank all the people that have helped us on the way and specially our supporters in the city council of Reykjavík.  

The role of the Atelier is to provide a place for established as well as aspiring choreographers to develop ideas, experiment and rehearse new creations. Workshops on dance and choreography are offered on an irregular basis. Dance Atelier was from 2010 -2017 situated at Skúlagata in the centre of Reykjavík. The Atelier is a home for Reykjavik Dance Festival and many dance organisations in Iceland. Dance Atelier is run by the Dance House Collective which aim is to gather the local dance community, institutions, independent artists, festivals and organisations in a Dance House. 

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What's up?

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.30.20 A few weeks ago this little image  popped up on facebook. It is by the theatre maker Andrea Vilhjálmsdóttir and with the hashtag #rísidanshús she asks for a DanceHouse in Iceland. We urge you all to use this hashtag if you are posting about dance in Iceland on social media. 

Entering Dance Atelier

We have now moved out of Skúlagata and are homeless at the moment.

We will announce here and on our facebook site as soon a new space is found. 




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