Dance House Collective

The Dance House Collaborative was founded in the summer of 2010, to work towards the goal of opening a Dance House in Reykjavik. Dance Atelier is the first step on a journey we believe will lead us to a Dance House involving all sector of contemporary dance in Reykjavik. The Atelier supports the work of freelance dancers and choreographers and develops strategies for a future Dance House. The Atelier is home for Reykjavik Dance Festival and many dance organizations in Iceland.

The DHC cooperates with dance organisations and institutions towards the goal of a Dance House. The field of dance is united in the opinion that a Dance House can improve greatly the working conditions for all dance artists.

Photos from Dance Atelier activities

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Membership fee for the Dance House Collective is ISK 10.000 pr year.
Members receive:

-  regular update on activities of DHC
-  free morning classes
-  3 hours in a studio for free
-  33% discount of studio rent
-  reduced price for workshops

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Friends of Dance House Collective

Dance lovers and supporters of Dance House in Reykjavik can become supporting friends of the Dance House Collective with a 5.000 ISK contribution annually. Friends of DHC receive regular update on activities of DHC.



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