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Choreographers in Iceland was founded 2014. The association aims to guard the interests of choreographers, strengthen communitiy and dialogue among choreographers and increase visibility of the choreographers work. The association is also concerned with protecting the artistic rights of choreographers.
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These dance productions are available for touring.


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The Icelandic Association of Professional Dancers was founded in 1947. From the beginning the association has devoted itself to the promotion of dance and serves the interest of professional dancers. The Icelandic Association of Professional Dancers is an active member in various art foundations in Iceland.
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Dance studies and theory

The Icelandic Association of Dance Research was founded 1998. The association supports and promotes dance research and writings on dance. To that aim the association organises lectures, study meetings, workshops and historical dances.Drawing (19)



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Reykjavik Dance Festival is an international dance and performance festival in Reykjavík. 
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LÓKAL is an international performance festival Reykjavík.

Act Alone is a festival of solo performances in the Westfjords.
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LungA is a youth arts festival in East Iceland.
> LungA

The Assitej festival is a performing arts festival for young audiences in Reykjavik.
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Contemporary dance is a three years B.A. training program at Iceland Academy of Arts. The program offers training in contemporary dance techniques, creative studies and composition with strong connections to other art fields.
> Iceland Academy of Arts

There are many dance schools and studios in Iceland offering a variety of classes for children and grown ups.
> Dance schools and studios

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