Måns Erlandsson

Moving in Contact and timing
Contact Improv, Instant Composition and maybe some Bodypercussion
By exploring movement and timing, combined with tools of using surface, weight and
lever to find a non-muscular way of taking and giving weight, we’ll receive a sense of
magic touch. This leads into dances where we can move others just by moving our own bodies, in and out of touch. Dances where different kinds of touch, timing and spiral work can make your motion fly both in an internal and external way
Måns has been teaching and performing C. I. since 1993 in and outside Sweden, regularly
teaching at the University College of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Mime and Theatre in
Stockholm. He initiated the Nordic Improdance Meeting (NIM) in 1996 as well as
organising the Lillsved Jam & Seminar and the Nordic New Years Jam since 2002. He has
taught in festivals in Germany, Italy, Spain and the Scandinavian countries since 1998.